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Workshops / Presentations for You

Speaking Events

Schools, Corporations, and Women only Workshops

Keeping Kindness in the Classroom - Our role as parents

Corporate Cooperation & Kindness -  Our role as colleagues, bosses and all staffing positions

Women Only:

Remarkable YOU!! - Owning Your Power, Your Passion & Your Purpose - getting from A-Z in self discovery and recreating your Story to serve You & Others

'Project Communication' - Become more savvy with your Talk, Text and Email !  Relay your messages better with a joyful heart, integrity, and love

Get On the Up & Up - Talk Your Way to Feeling Fantastic!  Discover how you can regain control of situations that challenge you!  

Gratitude Resolution!  - Discover key ways to use gratitude & appreciation to help every area of your life!  Self talk your way to happiness!


"When are you opening your counselling business?!  I will come!!   please let me know. anonymous

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FABULOUS News!!   When you book 2 workshops, the 3rd is 1/2 price!!   Refer a friend & you receive a 25% discount on the session you attend.

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Currently the Workshops are held via Zoom which allow for people everywhere to join our small group and discover ways to Live your Best Life!  

Your Desire for something Better in your life, to become more, to Love life and be more Conscious and present I commend you for!!    All workshops are designed to address specific set backs that you may be encountering in your life.  Take a look & Come Join Us!!

Display their FAQs

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.


Lifestyle Journey


My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle & mindset has given me insight  to help others with habits that can enhance their lives. Specific daily choices can assist us to be more present and more grateful everyday.

Wellness Experience


A gym goer, skier, with an active lifestyle allows me to encourage and inspire you to live a healthy happy life.  My personal experiences and successes allow me to offer ideas and listen well to you and help empower and offer suggestions to improve your day to day experiences.

Confidence Coaching


With a psychology degree and a focus on helping women and parents, my education and training plus real life experience  completes my coaching arsenal – allowing me  to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to achieve your goals. 

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